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Administration of Data
Data management extends to a large variety of functions from hosting of the system with maintenance and developement of the hardware supporting the server, network bandwidth and network server protocols, and all the way to user interface for data entry and modifications.

The first step in the management of a new system would begin with a proper analysis of requirements. Is it on the web serving a large number of clients via a web interface or strictly on an internal system?
The array of functions that a database administrator may be required to do will vary substantially from one situation to another.
Maintenance of server functions, data backups, replication of the database to serve different groups of clients for exemple, data integrity are only a few of administrative tasks that might require attention.

Prism will provide any of the services required including hosting your database or a replica, developping scripts for data entry, update and deletion or solutions for any administrative tasks to be performed by your personel.
We will provide maintenance at any stage or maintenance support if required.

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