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A large number of systems are available on the market, each applying to various enterprise needs and budgets. Many of the database systems can be acquired at very low cost but development and set-up costs can vary greatly and even more so in a networked environment with servers.
Generally development cost will be the single most important item to look at, in the selection of a Database Management System. For example although Oracle, a system designed for high transaction volume as part of its features, is free to purchase but will require higher setup costs, more than most systems; and development costs will easily be the greatest.
Some issues, such as the ability to execute secure transactions online, can increase costs of implementation as well.
A study of the business tasks to be incorporated in the database development will tell you which applies best to your present and expanding needs.
Our database services will also include: Data modeling (referring to UML or Unified Modeling Language generally), data transfers and treatment and developing administrative interfaces.
Prism supports the following DBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Filemaker and Oracle and in some cases legacy systems such as DBase and others.
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